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[CPP114] News: Horizon (good use of Japan), referring to the name of each printing believe people are not familiar with, "well-known international brand after India, the world's largest manufacturer of finishing equipment," is to give the industry its evaluation. India on stage worldwide, Horizon has been playing a very important role. When Horizon came to China, he began with Granville reputation inextricably linked. April 9, 2015, the British Hori Jiro Japan HORIZON president, AFS leading science and technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Director Donna Ma  guest studio I want to print interviews to reporters tell stories CPP114 between Horizon reputation and prestige.


Hori, president of Japan HORIZON English Jiro (in), the leading director AFS Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Donna Ma (left) I want to print a guest room TV interviews

Read Horizon

English first saw Mr. Hori Jiro, it would be attracted to his hands holding the card. That card is different from us just like conventional sense, but in the periphery has done a very nice cut design. Upper left corner of a business card printed books identified, revealed Horizon book binding position in the field. Printed on the upper right corner there is a temple and a hollow "big" word, at first I was very strange, this "big" in the end what kind of meaning.

Speaking of which, Mr. Hori Jiro to the British reporter tells a story about Japan's "Obon Festival". In Japan, the annual August 15 for Japan's Obon, the Japanese Obon atmosphere over the quiet, dignified, ghosts of the die, the day they can return home with his family reunion day. The next day, the world will be sent back to the underworld ghost ancestors, so August 16, the Japanese will hold a "Gozan Fire" ceremony, carrying firewood every household in Kyoto basin torch lit by four weeks the mountains were "big" " wonderful "" law "three words, and navicular, Torii shaped flame. Mr. Hori Jiro English card in the "big" It took one of the most important word.

"Read" product first "read" people, from Mr. Hori Jiro words in English, all revealed the love of traditional Japanese culture and the Japanese company's unique heritage of excellent quality. Japanese printing industry powerhouse, also published country on the map. Japan and Germany have been listed as a printer device other countries "benchmark." The Horizon features of the product, has been "automated, intelligent," he said, earnestly.

Horizon and Wei Yu of "marriage"

Good use of the reputation and prestige of science and technology "marriage" began in 2010. August 1, 2010, Wei Yu, the company hand in Japan Horizon (good use), gets its power distributor China, Hong Kong and Macau in, and solely responsible for the sale of Horizon line of products, marketing and after-sales service. November 28, 2014, the Japanese good use once again issued a statement reaffirming good use authorized Wei Yu (Hong Kong) Limited and Wei Yu leading technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. for the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, the only good sale and supply using equipment and accessories agents.


Since then, the use of good reputation and prestige is no longer "helpless."

According to Mr. Hori Jiro Britain introduced a good use of the company in the choice of Chinese agents, has set out a number of excellent candidates list, Wei Yu is just one of the many candidates. But "how to maintain customer" an open question, only Wei Yu, "A" is the best. So after a good use of a multilayer filter, chose Granville Fitch. Induction, the good use of the main fancy Granville Fitch's three points.

First, market planning, Wei Yu, the company has a very good market in product promotion planning, careful thinking.

Second, customer service, Wei Yu to give customers more than others can not service has been "to serve as a force within the heart to create life," allowed to exceptionally good performance in terms of customer care.

Third, the ability to sell, good use of Viagra as the brand in the Chinese market to promote a lot of effort, has been sales are also very good. All of these are important reasons to become Granville reputation of a good use of the brand's sole agent in China.

On printing success of the "Decision"

Today's printing market, increasingly depressed scene I believe we see. Since opening in 2015, many companies orders still bleak. Referred to the current printing market, Mr. Hori Jiro Britain believes that the big trend is still not optimistic, "Now the development of the printing market is in a state of decline, the next five years, labor costs will increase, movement of people will be very large, printing the number of enterprises will be reduced, so the future of many printing companies will be in trouble. "market environment is not optimistic that the business operators, the success of the" crucial decisions ", companies must have some way to help themselves through this bridge.

"To spend this bridge, two points are crucial," said Mr. Hori Jiro Britain.

First, the replacement of printing equipment, with intelligent devices instead of doing so, reduce labor costs. We call intelligence, automation is not equivalent to the traditional sense, "Mr. Hori Jiro Britain stressed." Today, for most equipment manufacturers, has developed a "automation" equipment is not a difficult task, but automation not the same as intelligence. "That's what is intelligence? 'Intelligent devices in the true sense, adding humanlike intelligence program, the general can make a lot of different reactions based on a variety of different situations. The automation is relatively much simpler, generally there will be several circumstances make the same reactor, used for repetitive projects.

Second, to ensure the provision of equipment distributors or vendors can really solve the problem you face. In fact, it comes to this, and enterprises will have to "service" linked together, Granville reputation as a good use of agents, has been committed to delivering the most appropriate solution. For printing companies, the choice of equipment is no best, only the most suitable. Only the election of the solution, in order to truly solve the problem enterprises face today. This, Wei Yu has done a good job.

Good use of the company since its establishment nearly 70 years, specializing in the research and production of highly intelligent, highly flexible printing equipment and excellent performance, good use of the product lies between the realization of machines and artificial "interaction" and thus do resourceful, to achieve a real sense of intelligence. Horizon collaboration with Granville reputation, combined with the "two-pronged approach", so that a good use of the brand appear more at ease in the Chinese printing stage.

Grasp the "opportunity" to talk about after India

Although the printing industry increasingly depressed, but the rise of the packaging, labeling, and also to a large number of printing equipment manufacturers to create a lot of opportunities.

Four years ago, PRINT CHINA 2011, Wei Yu also participating. Four years later, once again came to the show, Mr. Hori Jiro Britain seem to have more emotion.

"The show is the most personal experience after viewers are increasingly concerned about India, a lot of spectators come to our booth. The reason may be because in recent years, the Chinese printing market becomes more mature, and India after the process has reached a certain level. now after the rapid development of printing process / postpress processes for equipment manufacturers India, it also has a growing number of value-added opportunities, so we need to grasp the opportunity. "Hori Jiro British meaningful to say.

Over the years, Horizon has development company in the field of books and equipment. According to Mr. Hori Jiro Ying introduced, Horizon future development will continue in terms of book production and India, but more will be developed after more planning and design of digital printing solutions. In addition, the packaging will also be the main battlefield of the future company Horizon. 2015, Horizon will lock the "new packaging", specifically for the new packaging to create the drum cutting machine related products, it will also be an intelligent cutting machine products.

New products may soon meet with you, let us wait and see!

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