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【China Packaging Reuters】 April 9, 2015, at the 2015 China (Guangdong) International Printing Exhibition booths Wei Yu Gao Peng gathered together to bring a taste of printing endless charm. Wei Yu Group has a number of partners, and in this exhibition shows a number of printing solutions, which have a "digital products processing expert" title Hunkleker company also told customers to make a detailed presentation, and brought more after a comprehensive digital printing solutions, at a site reporter Wei Yu, chairman of the booth and Mr. Franz Hunkeler Hunkleker Group carried out a detailed communication at the scene of Mr. Franz Hunkeler Hunkeler great interest for now and future plans to make interpretation.


Companies from Mr. Franz Hunkeler Interpretation


Hunkeler Founded in 1922, due to the international situation at that time in Germany and Switzerland during World War II tensions have mainly rely on the power of the status quo after the German printing equipment was broken, Mr. Franz Hunkeler's father as the first founder of the Group, has begun to India equipment research and development, and formed a certain scale. After 1980, digital printing platform began budding industry company with excellent sensitivity, we decided to fully open digital printing products in 10 years, is committed to the professional products and convenience equipment mainly related to India after the billing, direct mail, etc. implementation of processing solutions.


Hunkeler company committed to further development in China


Global printing services and solutions providers, for the Chinese printing market very seriously. Taking into account the non-controllable direct sales costs and domestic environment, Hunkeler company as a global digital India suppliers and printing complete segment is an important element, it is necessary in the country to select a can give print links to full supply and neutral attitude, and have a good level of service Chinese printing enterprise platform. After careful selection, we chose Granville reputation for cooperation and common for customers to build a complete set of high-end digital printing overall solution.


Hunkeler Innovation days schedule will be a green light to Chinese


Opening of the first session of the Hunkeler Innovation days has been 20 years of history, originally defined simply open day activities undertaken by the company to the customer, according to the needs of the invitation to participate in only one of the few enterprises. In such a way to bring a good customer evaluation, with the long-term accumulation of brands, this exhibition is more than 60 companies attended the show. Best known as the current high-end digital printing equipment after the exhibition of the overall solution, customers and companies have different harvest, customers can concentrate on the delicate taste of different applications, and manufacturers are able to demonstrate understanding of the technical advantages of each other, flourishing. Since most of the exhibition will coincide with the Chinese New Year time, Mr. Franz Hunkeler said the 2017 Hunkeler Innovation days will be considered Chinese customers schedule, time to adjust.


A clear development direction of the Group let go farther


The printing industry in the future, on-demand printing market will become more substantial, because with the rapid changes in people's consumption patterns, on-demand printing has become a trend. Future changes in the market mainly in three aspects, especially for publications printing enterprises, small-volume, cost, inventory and logistics costs caused by rising problem, print on demand will further need to control production costs. For Hunkeler, it can be very intimate grasp the needs of customers, through the mature high-end digital printing solutions to resolve the difficulties encountered in understanding and solving production, modular and flexible free combination to meet the actual needs of customers, in addition, the adaptability of the product has always been proud of the company Hunkeler part, by virtue of these unique technology and service advantages, for its own development and the development of the customer's business is also advantageous injection potent agent.


From the conversation with Mr Franz Hunkeler's can feel, digital printing is maturing, processed data from the front end to the intermediate print production processes, to the flexibility, after processing, digital printing has been basically open up the entire process, Hunkeler Digital Group, as printing a key ring, it will always be committed to providing customers high-end digital solutions that enable digital printing solutions become more automated and variability, and the inevitable trend of industrialization this instant, it is an important aspect of customer convenience .

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