3D printing technology could reshape the entire footwear industry but need time

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IDG July 2, according to the US financial media CNBC reports, the global footwear industry is on a new round of 3D printing technology arms race.

US sports equipment brands Dema (Under Armour) this week in Baltimore manufacturing and design agencies unveiled the latest technology, and 3D printing is one of its outstanding features.

Dema New Balance's competitors at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (Consumer Electronics Show, CES) starting on the digital sports department. In April this year, the company released a product, its use of the midsole manufacturing 3D printing and selective laser sintering (Selective Laser Sintering).

Nike also 3D printing double down. This year in May, the company announced a partnership with Hewlett-Packard on manufacturing technology.

Since 3D printing will make the product or futuristic, which makes long-term competition sports star user companies began to learn to embrace the new technology advantages.

Right now, the footwear industry in the realization of the modernization of traditional marketing techniques struggling situation. In fact, Dema sponsor NBA star Stephen? Success Curry (Steph Curry) is achieved mixed, although its quarterly sales push, but the design of new shoes and suffered ridicule on social media.

Market research firm NPD analyst Matt? Powell (Matt Powell) pointed out that a number of retailers said that in the past few quarters, sluggish sales of basketball shoes, the kind of shoes is still the biggest driver of the Jordan brand. In the 1980s, Jordan Brand is often the highest asking price of basketball shoes, partly because of its use of technology. Jordan shoes used foot buffer technology to let people easily think of the huge success of Michael? Jordan (Michael Jordan) made.

By the NBA star Carmelo? Anthony (Carmelo Anthony) Sols investment companies will undoubtedly catch the 3D printing in the footwear industry from the potential of the ride. Sols let users spend $ 99 to achieve a custom insole, and users only need an iPhone application to take pictures foot. The insole can be manufactured for different styles of shoes, but also to provide different degrees of comfort, it is used with the 3D printing-related technologies.

? Sols founder and CEO Kai Shu Gan Weinberg (Kegan Schouwenburg) said:. "The industry going crazy I know I'm not the only one who saw the future when we start thinking about how we can make things bigger do a good job, when done quickly, this technology not only satisfactory, but also people feel afraid. "

Sols released the latest product Exosols insole demonstrated by 3D printing personalized shoes are made with the traditional mass product realization compete on price. Shu Weinberg says people's increasing emphasis on health and makes 3D printing is not limited to the manufacture of sports shoes.

Shu Weinberg said, because manufacturing is the customized 3D printing and direct-to-consumer, can reduce the cost of waste, rent and storage, which makes Sols more resources on antimicrobial materials and durability testing, and maintaining such products high quality at the same time there is a reasonable price. Shu Weinberg expressed the hope that licensed the technology to a retail brand or manufacturer.

However, Shu Weinberg in the past two years has been to convince customers, 3D printing is not for decorations or similar gadgets Lego plastic, and customized shoes are not just for athletes and requires special medical services crowd.

Shu Weinberg believes the footwear industry is likely to be the first truly 3D printing will bring the average consumer industries. Although this idea for years, but the early part of the consumer 3D printing technology to leave the impression: that such products are usually cheap and not durable.

Shu Weinberg believes that although 3D printing manufacturing shoes has its advantages, but to win the trust of consumers also need a longer period of time. (Lee Road)

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