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April 7, 2015 --12 days, China Association for Quality Inspection group members OKI unveiled Third China International Printing Technology Exhibition, exhibiting different from the past is that this portable OKI C941dn and C711WT Both have white print function printer for on-site to provide users with personalized digital printing services. This sense of involvement and experience a sense of strong activity, sparked great interest in the field of users, widely attended.

C711WT is OKI digital printing market for cost-effective introduction of A4 models. OKI independent research and development of unique "CMYW (yellow and green product)" color system, provide the market with a cost-effective choice, greatly reduces the high-end personalized digital printing threshold. Not only can quickly restore the stability of the gorgeous colors, it is also equipped with a white toner printing technology, in a dark paper, transparent film and the transfer material to achieve colorful print.

C941dn in the traditional CMYK four-color on the increase in a bunker, users can install white or transparent color toner according to their needs, achieve the perfect composition on a dark ground and a transparent film posters, window stickers, stickers and other plastic bottles print product.

When these two machines to print on dark media, you can print a layer of white powder on a dark transfer paper, and then carried on a white toner artwork print, so that we can perfect solve common printer It appears cast or color is not accurate.

Both products also have a complete set of transfer programs, in addition to the common plastic materials, PVC, etc., most difficult to achieve metal transfer has been overcome. We live in the vast majority of daily necessities through OKI C941dn and C711WT the printer and a full range of solutions for the transfer, so that they can engrave your exclusive brand, give you a different Color See See! Art is so headstrong!

OKI printer for you, absolutely unique.

Source: China Quality Network

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