About AFS

●   As a Hong Kong-based company, the headquarters of AFS is located in Hong Kong, with direct subsidiaries and offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, and other locations. We have a experienced, technologically advanced team and a nationwide sales network.

●   With high-quality products, outstanding product integration abilities, system training support services, and a clear understanding of how to achieve industry growth, we strive to the utmost of our abilities to provide clients with strategies for meeting current corporate growth needs as well as comprehensive services. We work with customers to develop markets and meet the challenges of industry transformations on the ground.

●   “Doing the well” is AFS’s constant intention. Helping clients to strive for success, assisting with the healthy growth of companies, increasing the competitiveness of the Chinese printing industry, and innovating new operational models are our long-term operating concepts.

   We are sole distributor of Horizon in Japan, Bacciottini and Zechini in Italy, Foliant in the Czech Republic. We are fully devoted to introducing China to professional, internationally known post press products and to achieving healthy long-term growth.


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